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Snowy Day

Yesterday was flip flop weather today it is snowing and sleeting.  Most children are at home because their parents jobs were closed except one family.  Why would an employer want to risk his employees safety when it is not necessary?  The mother doesn’t work in the health care field or any other field that would require you to be at work.  It really makes me angry that now her car, her possible broken bone and maybe her life is put in jeopardy.

Moving on, what will we do today?  As much as the older child will hate it I will make him play board games with me.  Yes, I said it, board games!!!  I know, I am so mean.  He will want to play his DS or the WII but I will force him to interact with me and he WILL have fun whether he wants to or not.  All the kids here have laptops, tablets or DS that they play every afternoon.  I have to force them outside to play.  Mind you I have a huge trampoline, see-saw, basketball hoop, climbing jungle, skooters, skates and more but they are bored.  I hear “Can we play the tablet on the deck?”  NOOO! Run, play, use your imagination.  That doesn’t go over very well.  It makes me reflect on when I was younger and how much fun we had.  Wonder if this generation will have memories of just as much fun but only on their electronic devices?

Have a wonderful day!


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Hi Y’all

I haven’t posted in a while so I will start out anew.  Today in Virginia it was 72, tomorrow it will be freezing rain and 3-6 inches of snow.  Welcome to Virginia in March!!!

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Beulah Pool

The pool hasn’t opened and already I am stressed. CBS really needs to bring some cameras to the pool and at our homes cause the The housewives of Orange County got nothing on us. My daughter in law’s birthday was the 17th so we are celebrating tomorrow at Howlett’s Restaurant and I made a cheesecake and cupcakes filled with cheesecake. It taste delicous but the cheesecake moved to the bottom during cooking which made kind of a cheesecake crust. Still good but I kinda was going for a cupcake filling.

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What are parents thinking??

Why do parents just assume they can pick up there kids whenever they feel like it?  I have a contract and it clearly states the times that their child should be picked up.  I realize things happen and I am not unreasonable, but come on each day!?!  Really makes me crazy!

Now that I have vented that, I am excited about my new chandelier, where should I put it?  HHMMM?????  I will figure it out.  More later

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A rainy day at Kathy’s house

It is going to rain today and I have all the kids.  Tues and Thurs are my full days so it gets challenging when we can’t go outside and burn off some energy.  Plus, I need the sun!!!  I keep saying I am solar powered since I feel like I might be sick or have absolutely no energy.  I help run a community pool, Beulah Pool, so I am use to being outside.  We will survive and figure out what to do to make it a fun day. 

I am tryng to get stuff done this winter that have been put off like fixing the trim around the built in book shelf, going through the pictures and organizing them stuff like that.  This will be my goal this weekend and in the evenings.  Thurs is also one of the days I go to the gym so I will have to push myself to go since it is raining.  Why is it so hard to do things that are good for you but easy to do things that arent???  I never have to talk myself into eating chocolate!! LOL

Off to start my day, more later!

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Thoughts for today

I have decided I will put most of my pet peaves on this blog. I have quite a few so I will only mention few. I am a home daycare provider, not a babysitter!!! I figure a babysitter is 15 or works for drug/alcohol money. I have a full preschool cirriculum and focus a lot on respect, manners and proper ways to socialize. I have found that a growing number of kids have little or no respect for anyone. I try to teach through example, roll playing and any trick I can think of at the moment to show empathy for others. I love my daycare kids and they are all so special and I find it a shame when other kids don’t have a strong foundation and just go to the babysitter or daycares and don’t learn the fundamentals on how to be a good person.
With that being said my daily advice to parents, providers and anyone else who deals with kids on a daily basis, you are doing them an injustice is you let them have there way. I say this today because of an incident that recently happened where the parent said “It is just easier to give in”. The world doesn’t work that way and when the child finds this out, it makes for a miserable “awakening” period for the child.
Okay, more tomorrow

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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