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Snowy Day

Yesterday was flip flop weather today it is snowing and sleeting.  Most children are at home because their parents jobs were closed except one family.  Why would an employer want to risk his employees safety when it is not necessary?  The mother doesn’t work in the health care field or any other field that would require you to be at work.  It really makes me angry that now her car, her possible broken bone and maybe her life is put in jeopardy.

Moving on, what will we do today?  As much as the older child will hate it I will make him play board games with me.  Yes, I said it, board games!!!  I know, I am so mean.  He will want to play his DS or the WII but I will force him to interact with me and he WILL have fun whether he wants to or not.  All the kids here have laptops, tablets or DS that they play every afternoon.  I have to force them outside to play.  Mind you I have a huge trampoline, see-saw, basketball hoop, climbing jungle, skooters, skates and more but they are bored.  I hear “Can we play the tablet on the deck?”  NOOO! Run, play, use your imagination.  That doesn’t go over very well.  It makes me reflect on when I was younger and how much fun we had.  Wonder if this generation will have memories of just as much fun but only on their electronic devices?

Have a wonderful day!


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