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What are parents thinking??

Why do parents just assume they can pick up there kids whenever they feel like it?  I have a contract and it clearly states the times that their child should be picked up.  I realize things happen and I am not unreasonable, but come on each day!?!  Really makes me crazy!

Now that I have vented that, I am excited about my new chandelier, where should I put it?  HHMMM?????  I will figure it out.  More later


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A rainy day at Kathy’s house

It is going to rain today and I have all the kids.  Tues and Thurs are my full days so it gets challenging when we can’t go outside and burn off some energy.  Plus, I need the sun!!!  I keep saying I am solar powered since I feel like I might be sick or have absolutely no energy.  I help run a community pool, Beulah Pool, so I am use to being outside.  We will survive and figure out what to do to make it a fun day. 

I am tryng to get stuff done this winter that have been put off like fixing the trim around the built in book shelf, going through the pictures and organizing them stuff like that.  This will be my goal this weekend and in the evenings.  Thurs is also one of the days I go to the gym so I will have to push myself to go since it is raining.  Why is it so hard to do things that are good for you but easy to do things that arent???  I never have to talk myself into eating chocolate!! LOL

Off to start my day, more later!

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