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I have decided I will put most of my pet peaves on this blog. I have quite a few so I will only mention few. I am a home daycare provider, not a babysitter!!! I figure a babysitter is 15 or works for drug/alcohol money. I have a full preschool cirriculum and focus a lot on respect, manners and proper ways to socialize. I have found that a growing number of kids have little or no respect for anyone. I try to teach through example, roll playing and any trick I can think of at the moment to show empathy for others. I love my daycare kids and they are all so special and I find it a shame when other kids don’t have a strong foundation and just go to the babysitter or daycares and don’t learn the fundamentals on how to be a good person.
With that being said my daily advice to parents, providers and anyone else who deals with kids on a daily basis, you are doing them an injustice is you let them have there way. I say this today because of an incident that recently happened where the parent said “It is just easier to give in”. The world doesn’t work that way and when the child finds this out, it makes for a miserable “awakening” period for the child.
Okay, more tomorrow


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